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GHS Strings Welcomes Colin Wilson, Ricky Howard and Hidekazu Hiniata

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GHS Strings Welcomes Colin Wilson, Ricky Howard and Hidekazu Hiniata


PR – GHS Strings are pleased to announce joining their artist roster are The Australian Pink Floyd Show and bass player Hidekazu Hiniata.

The critically acclaimed The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPF) is arguably the world’s most successful tribute band playing arenas all over the planet. Guitarists Steve Mac and David Domminney Fowler, and bass players Colin Wilson and Ricky Howard have all become GHS endorsees. Formed in 1988, TAPF successfully recreate the look and sound of Pink Floyd and have now sold over four million tickets to their show. They are currently touring in the USA and Canada and will be back in Europe and the UK later in the fall.

Steve Mac, one of the founding members of TAPF, is unsurprisingly a huge Pink Floyd fan and passionate about the authenticity of the bands sound.  Naturally Steve has chosen to use the GHS David Gilmour Signature strings on his guitar. He and fellow guitarist David Domminney Fowler also use the Electric Guitar Boomers, the Coated Guitar Boomers, the acoustic Bright and Infinity Bronzes as well as the Americana Resonator Strings.

Bass player Colin Wilson, is also a founding member of TAPF and shares a passion for Pink Floyds music and ensuring TAPF is note, tone and sound perfect. Along with new member Ricky Howard they choose to use GHS’ Pressurewound and Precision Flatwound bass strings.

Bass player Hidekazu Hiniata has also recently joined the GHS artist roster. He is currently playing with Japanese alternative rock band Straightener. He also plays in Japanese rock bands Nothing’s Carved in Stone and Killing Boy. He has chosen to use the ever popular 4-string Bass Boomers in medium gauge. These classic power strings feature a nickel plated steel wrap that provides brilliance, volume, sustain and strength. As a bass player he has a refined sense of playing full of emotion. His advanced techniques make him one of Japan’s top bass players.

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