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Anthony Vitti’s Video Review of the Sire Marcus Miller Vintage V7


Anthony Vitti shares…

“For the price, the quality of the instrument, it really is unbelievable! I don’t know how they do it, you should definitely add something like this, if you are looking for another bass or a good jazz bass in that style, that sound, that classic four string sound, you can’t go wrong with this, this thing is awesome and is certainly worth probably four times the price”

Watch this awesome video review of the Sire V7 Vintage by Anthony Vitti. Anthony is a bass professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Berklee is one of the best contemporary music school in the world. Truly, one of  Sire’s mission as a company is to reach out to every bass player, giving them a chance to own a high quality bass at an affordable price. Sire is for everyone and this is what Sire Revolution is all about.

Don’t forget to visit for more info on the Marcus Miller Vintage V7 and other products.

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