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Robert Bubby Lewis, Otaku Bass – Bass Musician Magazine, November 2016 Issue

Robert Bubby Lewis, Otaku Bass – Bass Musician Magazine, November 2016 Issue

It seems like we have known Robert Bubby Lewis forever.

We met in person at my first NAMM show many years ago and we have been following his musical career ever since. Without question, every time we get a chance to catch up, it is like a family reunion…

Cover Photo: Rie Nishinaka



…so you can imagine how great it was to be able to interview him while he was in town on tour with Jhené Aiko.


In addition to being an extremely talented musician, Robert Bubby is a self proclaimed ”Otaku.”  The word “Otaku” is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests or nerdy tendencies and are often considered socially awkward. I would say that in his case it is all about living life with a passion on his own terms, and there is nothing wrong with that!


Photo: Rie Nishinaka

He dresses exactly how he wants to. He enjoys good food (he is a real carnivore). He knows more about “Anime” that anybody I know. He is huge fan of Japanese culture and is an extraordinarily dedicated husband and father who absolutely lights up at the mention of his baby girl. He is hard working, responsible and simply fun to hang out with.


Photo: Rie Nishinaka

I am very pleased to be able to give our readers a chance to meet and know more about Robert Bubby and I heartily recommend that you check out his playing in person if you ever have a chance!

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Photo: Rie Nishinaka



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