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The Newest Microphone from Ear Trumpet Labs is Designed Exclusively for Upright Bass

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The Newest Microphone from Ear Trumpet Labs is Designed Exclusively for Upright Bass


Boutique microphone company, Ear Trumpet Labs (ETL), announces Nadine; the newest addition to their stellar product line, designed specifically for upright bass.

Nadine is a medium-large diaphragm condenser microphone that excels in capturing the natural acoustic sound of the upright bass, picking up as much of the surface sound as possible while highlighting its rich low end. With great feedback rejection, it is perfect for live players to use with stage monitors. Early admirers of Nadine include Daniel Kimbro (Jerry Douglas Band, Audio Engineer/Producer WDVX Blue Plate Special), Zach Newton (FOH Jerry Douglas Band & The Earls of Leicester) and the microphone’s namesake, Nadine Landry (Foghorn String Band).

Philip Graham, founder of Ear Trumpet Labs, knew that there was room in the marketplace for a great upright bass microphone. “For years, upright bass players have been asking me if I could do anything to help them get natural sound from their instruments when they need to be amplified live. My friend Nadine Landry (Foghorn String Band) finally prevailed on me to experiment with some of my existing models to find the best sound,” Graham notes. “Of course we named the resulting microphone the ‘Nadine’, and we’ve been blown away by the response from every player and engineer who has tried it out. We think we have built a great new tool that provides the most natural bass sound with great feedback control, and we’re really excited to be able to offer it to all bass players.”

As with all ETL microphones, the design is equally as important as the sound quality. Graham wanted to devise a mounting system that was both secure and could be easily removed to accommodate touring musicians. Physically, the mic is separated into the body, which securely straps to the tailpiece with velcro elastic, and the head, which mounts easily between the strings above the tailpiece using a rubber grommet. There is a 14-inch Mogami cable that connects the two parts, making it easy to place the mic on any bass and transition from instrument to instrument.

Ear Trumpet Labs is currently accepting orders for Nadine, via their website with a waiting list. For those who order before November 8th there is guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

To place your order for Nadine please visit:

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