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Ultimate Ears Pro Redesigns Flagship Custom In-Ear Monitors with the UE 18+ Pro


PR – Ultimate Ears Pro Redesigns Flagship Custom In-Ear Monitors with the UE 18+ Pro

For more than 20 years, Ultimate Ears Pro (UE Pro) has been the trusted custom in-ear monitor brand for musicians and professionals around the world. Music lovers have also been drawn to the full product lineup for its precise sound, and now, UE Pro’s best-in-class flagship product is even better. Today, Ultimate Ears Pro announced the UE 18+ Pro, the second-generation flagship custom in-ear monit or and the culmination of more than two decades of experience building world class audio tools. The UE 18+ Pro adds UE Pro’s proprietary True Tone Drivers to a redesigned acoustic system, so you get more detail, separation, presence and coherence in your music, whether you’re on stage performing or just listening to your favorite recordings at home or on-the-go.

The UE 18+ Pro sets a new reference for sound quality. This model takes the excellence of the original, award-winning UE 18 Pro (four-way crossover, triple bore and six drivers per monitor), and adds the True Tone drivers, which were originally introduced last year with the UE Pro Reference Remastered . The drivers extend the frequency range by 3kHz to enhance the upper band frequency response. An adjusted midrange gain improves presence, altogether bringing a clear yet warm sound.

“At Ultimate Ears Pro, the guiding motto among our team is that getting better has no finish line,” said Philippe Depallens, vice president and general manager of Ultimate Ears Pro. “Our flagship model is a true testament to this principle. We’ve made incredible technological headways in the last few years, as the first to pioneer 3D printing and technology for custom in-ear monitors. Because of this innovation, we’re able to control the variability of the internal architecture for even greater sound control. No matter if you’re an audiophile in Japan, a DJ in New York City or a session guitarist in Nashville, you’re getting our very best with the UE 18+ Pro.”

The UE 18+ Pro, which can be plugged into any audio interface with the ?” (3.5mm) headphone jack or included ¼” adaptor, was created for musicians of all kinds. For example, by pulling the mids slightly forward, vocalists will hear a warmer sound, guitarists can expect a more natural, less crispy sound, and drummers can hear more body from their the snare drum.

Pricing and Availability

The UE 18+ Pro is expected to be available worldwide in December 2016 through Ultimate Ears Pro and authorized dealers, for a suggested retail price of $1,500. Numerous faceplate color options and even custom faceplate designs are available.

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