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Amptweaker PressuRizer Compressor

Amptweaker PressuRizer Compressor

Sustain without compression…..a common suggestion that means “don’t mess with my attack.”

PR – The Amptweaker™ PressuRizer™ compressor accomplishes this in several unique ways, and includes a built-in FET limiter/booster at its output. Incorporating a studio-grade compressor, a wet/dry blend, and some unusual side-chain variations, it varies from smooth compression that limits the initial ‘whack’ to a dry-blended approach that adds compression after a short delay.

The Bloom switch (Fast/Slow) rewires the side-chain so that the signal grows after initially cutting…..when blended with the dry, the result sounds normal, and then grows like an awesome Les Paul. The Limiter switch adds the FET booster, and can be set to Soft for barely limiting, or Hard for a slightly broken-up sound.

Since many use a compressor all the time, the PressuRizer has a cool 2-stage footswitch….normally it’s a true bypass on/off switch, but if you press & hold the switch, it activates another boost knob on the side of the pedal. So you can get a 1–2 punch with a single button pedal!

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