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Ashdown Limited Edition 20th Anniversary ABM Rig

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Ashdown Limited Edition 20th Anniversary ABM Rig

Ashdown Limited Edition 20th Anniversary ABM Rig

Amongst the mix of an ever-evolving industry, driven to constantly engineer the “next big thing,” Ashdown’s flagship ABM range has remained a firm favourite of bands, musicians and stages across the world thanks to its ability to continue to deliver superb bass tone and rock-solid build quality.

The ABM (its name an abbreviation of ‘Ashdown Bass Magnifier’) is repeatedly billed as the go-to amp for bass guitarists. Ashdown’s ABM range has now been employed by professional gigging bass players for twenty years – on stage, in the studio or in the rehearsal room

Instantly identifiable with thanks to its trademark illuminated Ashdown VU meter, the ABM series is now in its fifth and most advanced incarnation.

To celebrate 20 years of continuous production, Ashdown have produced a very special, limited edition ABM EVO-IV head and cabinet combination.

The UK made 20th Anniversary ABM-600 EVO-IV and ABM 410T EVO-IV are built on the foundations of Ashdown’s latest evolution of its leading ABM range; the EVO-IV.

The guys over at Ashdown are notorious for being major car enthusiasts, as such the 20th Anniversary Ltd Edition model naturally takes on the design styling of a luxury motorcar interior. With custom diamond vinyl covering, this 20th Anniversary model is reminiscent of the interior of a new Bentley.

The 20th Anniversary Ltd Edition ABM-600 EVO-IV head comes complete with an anodized alloy front panel, whilst the matching 4 x 10 cabinet comes loaded with Celestion speakers like the originals, back in 1997. The cab is specially designed to not only compliment the stylish looks of the matching amp head, but also compliment the wide tonal possibilities and power of the ABM heads – delivering no compromises on tone or performance. The cab also comes with rear casters and grab handle for added portability, whilst a kick-plate ensures the luxurious covering is safe from scuffs or damage.

It doesn’t end there. In celebration of Ashdown’s 20th anniversary every unit produced will come tested with a hand signed label by the man himself, Ashdown’s Founder and Managing Director, Mark Gooday.

Like Ashdown’s stock ABM-600, the Limited Edition Model head features a 600-watt power stage with a variable valve driven preamp section featuring a 12AX7 tube, 9-band EQ, as well as built in compression and a sub harmonic generator.

Ashdown’s Limited Edition 20th Anniversary ABM-600 EVO-IV head and ABM 410T EVO-IV cab are each hand made/ hand wired in England. Available in limited numbers, the 20th Anniversary models will run until the end of 2017 (Ashdown’s 20th anniversary year).

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