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Bergantino Audio Announces Reference Series Speaker Cabinets

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Bergantino Audio Announces Reference Series Speaker Cabinets

Bergantino Audio Announces Reference Series Speaker Cabinets

bergantino-audio-announces-reference-series-speaker-cabinets-2Bergantino Audio Systems announces the Reference Series Speaker Cabinets.

PR – The Bergantino Audio Reference 112 is priced $849 ProNet (now shipping) and the Reference 210 is priced $999 ProNet (shipping mid-February 2017).

The Bergantino Reference Series is the new benchmark for high-quality bass guitar amplification. The Reference series are available in two driver configurations; 1-12” w/ Tweeter & 2-10” w/ Tweeter. The Reference series employ precision tuned cabinets, built with the finest 100% Baltic birch plywood and are covered in a rugged tolex finish for pleasing aesthetics and long-term durability. They also employ a rigid black metal grille to protect the drivers and eliminate the tone robbing acoustic absorption associated with cloth grill designs.

The internal components utilize high quality, custom designed woofers along with a superlative sounding, compression driver mated to a constant directivity horn. The constant directivity horn ensures consistent coverage throughout the audio spectrum, and a custom designed, phase coherent crossover seamlessly mates these components throughout the critical crossover region. Reference series woofers utilize ceramic magnets w/ vented pole pieces and the low-end is full and round. Along with their high power handling capability, the Reference series are a very versatile speaker cabinet; excelling at both finger style and pick playing, and due to their tight-creamy low end are an excellent choice for slap-style as well. Bergantino’s Reference series cabinets produce an accurate, full-bodied and authentic representation of your bass guitar in both live and studio settings.

Bergantino Audio Systems is a high-quality manufacturer of bass guitar equipment located in Whitinsville, MA. Bergantino Audio products are available from select authorized musical products dealers around the world and direct from Bergantino Audio (on the Bergantino website).

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