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NAMM News – CLASSIC 108, EVO 1 and NINJA 102-250 RICHARD BONA Signature Combo

NAMM News – CLASSIC 108, EVO 1 and NINJA 102-250 RICHARD BONA Signature Combo

Breaking NAMM News from Markbass

Markbass CLASSIC 108


The CLASSIC 108 cabinet is the perfect choice to satisfy the needs and desires of bassists who like the look of old standards, delivering a wide range of sounds, from vintage to modern high-end sizzle.

The power and lightness of this cabinet put it in a new league compared to the 8×10″ cabinets from the past, which tended to be very heavy and lacked power. It features Markbass custom 10″ neodymium speakers with 1600W of power handling and its 1″compression driver extends the high-end frequency response up to 20kHz.



The rEVOlutionary Markbass EVO 1 head is the result of the mix between classic and advanced technology evolution to allow bassists to have not only just a ‘gorgeous’ bass sound, but always the ‘right’ sound… no matter which genres and techniques you’re playing!!!

The Markbass EVO 1 offers six AMPS tone choices for each of the two channels, clean and distorted.

One of the most common trick to get a “cutting in the mix” sound or nail a good distorted sound for a bassist is usually to run two signals at the same time: a clean one and a distorted one.

The two channels and mix control of the MARKBASS EVO 1 allow to do that, featuring also separate EQ settings for the two different AMPs.
It can be used with one instrument — also mixing the two channels — or as two channels amp connecting two instruments simultaneously.

Both channels feature classic standard amp controls interface and one effect per channel, MIDI ports, on board tuner, aux in and headphones out, FX loops, XLR Line Outs, and a powerful 500W MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp. Controllable via Midi or EVO1 Controller.

Markbass NINJA 102-250


The NINJA 102-250 RICHARD BONA signature combo joins the others Ninja series products where the respect of your instrument tone is the first priority…with no compromise, perfectly aligned with Richard Bona’s and Marco De Virgiliis’ vision.

Perfect for those looking for a light and compact 2×10″ combo with amazing depth and great definition. Plus, the vertical design of the two Markbass 10″ speakers always allows to find room on stage, even in small clubs!

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