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Paul Simon Bass Transcriptions by Aidan Hampson


It’s truly amazing how precise Aidan Hampson’s transcriptions are. One of his latest is Paul Simon Bass Transcription.

Aidan covers twelve transitions spanning from 1972 all the way to 1986, with four of the transcriptions covering the 1986 Graceland release. The transcriptions are from a wide range of bassists that Paul Simon has used over the years, which includes Jackie Johnson, Russell George, David Hood, Bob Cranshaw, Tony Levin, Anthony Jackson and Bakithi Kumalo.

The twelve transcriptions included are: Mother and Child Reunion, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, Kodachrome, American Tune, Still Crazy After All These Years, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Slip Slidin’ Away, Late in the Evening, The Boy in the Bubble, Graceland, Diamonds are the Soles of Her Shoes, and You Can Call Me Al.

All of the transcriptions are complete with tempo, notation, tablature, and chord changes.

Check out Paul Simon Bass Transcriptions and other bass transcriptions available for purchase direct from Aidan Hampson’s website,

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