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TC Electronic Announces New Bass Tone Package

TC Electronic Announces New Bass Tone Package

TC Electronic is excited to announce a new TonePrint package for bass featuring some truly great players.

PR – Many Internet users may already be familiar with the educational skills of Scott Devine, Federico Malaman and Steve Lawson from their online courses, while Winston Blissett has a formidable resume of who’s who in music, having worked with greats like Lionel Ritchie, Phil Collins and Robert Palmer. He is perhaps most known for his work with the English trip hop group Massive Attack.

Together these masters of the bass have come up with a range of TonePrints particularly well suited for live use. These guys know how to tweak and shape the sound with effects to create just what a bass player calls for in different live situations.

The Italian Magician

Among the featured bass players are the Italian magician Federico Malaman, who have risen to international prominence over the last couple of years due to his almost supernatural skills. He takes specific interest in how his TonePrints will aid a bass player in live settings.

Shape Your Own Sound

If you’re doing a gig without a sound engineer, you need to be able to shape your own sound on the fly, and Malaman takes this into account when creating “Malaverb”, his TonePrint for Hall of Fame Reverb.

Malaman elaborates in this video:

Malaverb TonePrint

Said Malaman: ”In a live situation you may need reverb for a song, but you don’t have your own sound engineer to ask for it. That’s why the ‘Malaverb’ will be great to use, when you have to take care of the situation yourself.”

For more info, click here.

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