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The New Mastermind LT MIDI Foot Controller, Not Just For Guitar Players

The New Mastermind LT MIDI Foot Controller, Not Just For Guitar Players

RJM Music Technology Inc., has announced the Mastermind LT: a low cost, yet very capable MIDI foot controller.

Ron Menelli, founder and engineer of RJM Music’s products said, “We wanted to do a more affordable product that still had the flexibility and power of our Mastermind GT. Many top acts are using the Mastermind GT on tour such as: John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Fall Out Boy, Beck, Metallica, Muse, Nine Inch Nails and many more. By introducing a lower cost model, we can get much of the same capabilities in the hands of a lot more customers.”

The trick was to reduce the cost substantially without compromising quality. Building the Mastermind LT with a single LCD and a multi-color LED over every button made it possible to reduce both the cost and size. The core of the unit – the processor, memory and USB interfaces remains the same as those on RJM’s more expensive products.

The small size and full feature set make the Mastermind LT well-suited for many applications. The LT can be used on a pedalboard to control MIDI capable pedals such as those made by Eventide and Strymon, enabling simultaneous preset changes on multiple pedals with a single button press. The Mastermind LT also works well with music apps – you can connect it directly to a computer’s USB port, which will provide power to the LT. The LT will appear as a MIDI device in the system and can be used to send commands to programs such as Ableton Live, Logic and MainStage.

Other notable features of the Mastermind LT include:

  • Sixteen user-configurable button pages allow you to change the function of your buttons on the fly. For example, with a button tap, you can switch between a page that select presets on your devices, another page that turns effects on and off in a multi-effect unit, and a third page that controls a phrase looper, synth or DAW
  • Free editor software for PC and Mac, which unlocks the full capabilities of the Mastermind LT and allows you to perform more advanced editing tasks
  • An expression pedal input that can generate MIDI continuous controller messages to control parameters on your MIDI devices
  • An external switch input that allows you to connect two more user-configurable footswitches to the Mastermind LT
  • A function switch output that can control channel switching on many amplifiers, or control pedals that have a ¼-inch external switch input
  • A USB host port for connecting a flash drive, which can be used to save and restore settings without the need for a computer

The Mastermind LT is shipping now, with a street price of $399 in the USA.

For more information please visit the RJM Music web site at

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