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Barefaced Announces 18” 1400w Active Sub-Woofer LF1400

Barefaced Announces 18” 1400w Active Sub-Woofer LF1400

PR – Barefaced LF1400 Ultra High Output 18″ Active Sub-Woofer

“More Bass!” you said, “More BASS!”

And then you asked “can you make it really light too, like your bass cabs?”

It took a while but we have EXACTLY what you’re after.


“Pure Controlled Power” / “The Harbinger Of Thunder” / “That Thing You Hear Shortly Before Your Cat Exits Through The Nearest Window In Fear Of An Impending Earthquake…”

Just some of the descriptions we’ve been sent regarding the potential of our very own little box of pure subsonic power!

If you’re tired of PA systems sounding weak and feeble or boomy and muddy then look no further.  The LF1400 will ensure that you are the most powerful and clearest band on your circuit (we trust your playing is already awesome).

And if your subs already sound great but take up half the van and require two people to lift, here’s your chance to maintain (or more likely improve!) your sound and make load-in far far easier.

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