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Barend Courbois, Rock ‘Till You Drop – Bass Musician Magazine, May 2017 Issue



Barend Courbois, an award-winning Rock, Metal, Funk and Jazz bass player who has played more then 4,000 shows and recorded on more than 60 albums over three decades on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bass Musician Magazine Cover - May 2017

Cover Photo: Florentijn

You may be familiar with his work with O.A., Blind Guardian, Michael Lee Firkins, Timo Somers, Andy James, Adrian Vandenberg (Whitesnake), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy), Walter Trout, Eric Gales, Atma Anur (Journey), Mike Terrana (Malmsteen), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Steve Fister (Lita Ford), Gary Barden (Michael Schenker), Donna Grantis (Prince), Vengeance, White Lion, Tank and many, many more.

He has won countless awards, including Best Bass Player in the Netherlands (1991), 2013 Best Metal Bass Player by Guitar Player Magazine, Best Metal and Best All Round Bass Player by Guitar Player Magazine NL (2014, 2015) and more.

This month I got to talk with Barend about getting started, technique and gear.

First of all thanks so much for this interview. Tell us, how did you get started playing bass? 

Thank you Alberto and Bass Musician Magazine for asking me! As you may know, my dear father, Sir Pierre Courbois, is a world-famous Jazz drummer/Composer; growing up it was very normal for me to choose any kind of instrument I wanted.

Pierre Courbois and Barend Courbois by Florentijn

I started on drums and all kinds of percussion instruments, especially the Indian Tabla; I then moved on to the Scottish Bagpipes. When I was 8 I decided that I wanted to change direction and play the mighty Bass Guitar; it was the Bass that inspired me to do my first live show at the young age of 11.

Which are some of your major influences? 

For the bass it is O.A., Jaco, Stanley, Marcus, Larry Graham, Geddy Lee, Doug Wimbish, Stu Hamm and my Dutch hero Herman Deinum.

Tell us more about your experience with Blind Guardian 

Yeah, this is like a dream come true situation! It’s a two and a half hour high-energy show, so it’s bloody hard work every night, but that makes the difference between a boy and a man.

Do you have other bands/projects right now? 

Oh yeah man, here they come: Tank, LEAH, Quest, Arrow Haze, Tri-Head, Steve Fister band, Michael Lee Firkins band, Cour/Cour-Bois/Bois (duo with my father)… so in between the big Blind Guardian world tours there is plenty of things to do – ha-ha!

Are you planning to release a solo album? 

Yes, I have been planning this for many years, but there are only 12 hours in a day… you know what I mean, always in the road.

You’re a quite versatile bassist but what’s your favorite technique? Finger-style, tapping, slap, etc… 

I started out in the late 70’s with a pick; it was a normal thing back than, even for funk bass players, especially in the studio. Now I’m so glad that I worked so hard on that when I was a kid… Blind Guardian is so fast that it would be almost impossible without a pick.

And tapping I do it if I’m in a Van Halen mood, so that’s 24/7 – ha-ha!

I study the same licks/riffs and scales always with a pick, 2 or 3 fingers and my thumb, so in whatever kind of situation I find myself I can play the same thing in 3 different ways.

What gear are you currently using? 

Fender basses, Markbass amps and cabs, EBS Black Label Pedals, Darkglass pedals, D’Orazio strings,

Do you have any suggestions for bass players and final thoughts? 

Try to play different instruments and as many styles as possible; even if you don’t like it, you always learn something from it.

Keep playing that mighty bass y’all and Rock ’till you drop!

Thanks again for this interview, you rock! 

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Barend Courbois by Florentijn

Barend Courbois by Florentijn


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Just last December, Magnolia Pictures released a documentary titled “Immediate Family” where we got a behind-the-scenes look at the massive contributions Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Ross Kunckle, Leland Sklar and Steve Postell have made in countless songs that are the very essence of our daily personal musical soundtracks. Seeing the astronomical roster of performers they have supported over many years is very eye-opening. It is a must-see for any music lover!

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I have always been a huge Styx fan. Their music kept me awake during countless nights studying and gave my imagination a place to escape when I had a moment to take a break. 

I had the immense opportunity to chat with STYX bassist Ricky Phillips for our August Cover in 2017 and follow his projects as time passed. Now, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to catch up with Ricky as he has been super-busy over the past six years. 

Join me as we take a deep dive into the band’s most recent album “Crash the Crown” and EP “The Same Stardust”. Ricky shares some insights into the herculean team effort behind the scenes and the musical process that keeps them ever so busy and how he has updated his sound. 

Without further ado… Here is Ricky Phillips!

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“Crash of the Crown” lyric video

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“Save Us From Ourselves” lyric video

“Sound the Alarm” lyric video

“Too Much Time On My Hands” Zoom video 2020

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Jeff Pilson, Foreigner Low End – January 2024



Jeff Pilson - Bass Musician Magazine - January 2024

Jeff Pilson, Foreigner Low End – January 2024…

Those of us who were around back in the 70’s remember how certain songs on the radio resonated with us. It turns out that many of these iconic melodies came from Foreigner and they were part of our personal soundtracks! 

After all these years, the band is going as strong as ever with Jeff Pilson firing away on bass midstream into a 2-year farewell tour. 

I am excited to be able to bring you all the details about Jeff’s musical Journey, the farewell tour in progress, how he gets his sound and his plans for the future.

Cover Photo: Krishta Abruzziini / Video Photos: Krishta Abruzzini, Karsten Staiger, Gina Hyams

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Join me as we learn of Rodney O’Quinn’s musical journey, how he gets his sound, and his plans for the future.

Jake Coughlin
Video Thumbnail, Tom Apathy
Photos used in the video: Kerry Quinn, Chuck Lanza, Kim Granger, Kenneth Strohm, Jake Coughlin, Jay Jylika

1st Single from Sonic Mojo – Official “Drivin’ On” 

2nd Single from Sonic Mojo – “She’s a Little Bit of Everything Official Video

 “Road Fever”- California Mid State Fair – Paso Robles, CA – 7-27-22

“Stone Blue” – Rodney O’Quinn Bass/Lead Vocals – Don Odell’s Legends – Woonsocket, R.I – 10/15/22 – The Stadium Theater

The Earl’s Court – Season 2, Episode 7: Funny Guys 

“I Just Want to Make Love to You” – CasinoRama – 6-9-23 

FOGHAT “Somebody’s Been Sleepin’ in My Bed” – Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT – 1/28/22

“I Just Want to Make Love to You” – California Mid State Fair – Paso Robles, CA – 7-27-22

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