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Guitar Summit Offers 3 Days of Guitars, Basses, Amps and Pedals

Guitar Summit Offers 3 Days of Guitars, Basses, Amps and Pedals

3 Days only… the first GUITAR SUMMIT is coming this September to Mannheim, Germany’s, “Rosengarten,” the legendary concert venue in the heart of the city.

Bordering Mannheim’s pedestrian-zone, the Rosengarten is surrounded by hotels and restaurants, and it’s only a five-minute walk from the main train station. For those traveling by car, a convenient parking garage is located directly below the venue.

Bass! We Need Bass!

For fans of the lower frequencies, manufacturers such as Sandberg, traditionalists Höfner, craftsman and visionary Jens Ritter, and the two winners of Germany’s Musikinstrumentenpreis award, Le Fay and Marleaux Bass Guitars, will offer a wide range of basses, ready to be played. In addition, Sandberg founder Holger Stonjek will look back at more than 30 years of building basses in workshop presentation.

Participation Encouraged!

Visitors will find an extensive program of activities, including numerous live acts and engaging workshops on many sizzling topics. Home recording, acoustic fingerstyle, how-to workshops, and more—you’ll find practical information on everything you’ve been curious about. Meet international musicians, experience artists in various clinics, and find inspiration in new instruments!

Besides big names such as Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Taylor (presented by Session), Gretsch, Shure, Godin, or Höfner, newer and smaller brands that aren’t as well-known are also an important aspect of the Guitar Summit. Of these, the guitar makers of the European Guitar Builders (EGB), a guild of several manufacturers from throughout Europe, may already be familiar from the Holy Grail Guitar Show. These small and individual custom shops, such as Portugal’s Ergon Guitars, a company that makes its own hardware out of old cymbals, or Teuffel Guitars, who has long offered futuristic headless guitars, contribute to the Guitar Summit’s diverse offerings, and they are featured in their own dedicated area.

For pedal nerds and sound scientists, we present the already established GITARRE & BASS PEDAL SHOW. Among the pedals available to be checked out are W-Distribution’s Pedal Mania effects, and visitors can try out pedals by large manufacturers such as MXR, DigiTech, and Morley, or sample boutique effects by companies such as Old Blood Noise, JHS, Mooer, and Earth Quaker Devices.

Amp fans won’t want to miss the GUITAR SUMMIT AMP WORLD, located at the ground level of Mannheim’s Baroque Villa. In contrast to the main exhibit hall, which requires the use of headphones to keep volumes down, this special area allows visitors to play through favorite amps by Ampeg, Peavey, Orange, Line6, and Engl under live performance conditions, and to compare brands and models.

A special highlight is planned in cooperation with Musik Produktiv: TUBEAMPFINITY – Using an elaborate amp switching matrix by tube amp and switching experts Ampete, visitors will be able to mix and match an extensive collection of exclusive amp heads with a selection of cabinets with different construction types, as well as number and size of speakers at the push of a button. Don’t miss this unique opportunity, and find the combination that works best for you!

Are you searching for a specific sound or do you have a vintage guitar that needs a replacement pickup? At the Guitar Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your options with Harry Häussel, the mastermind behind Häussel Pickups, one of Germany’s most important pickup makers. You may also want to talk to the experts at Tube Amp Doctor to get answers to all your questions about amps, tubes, speakers, and resistors, in order to get the most from your gear.

Studio and Recording

In partnership with STUDIOSZEN.DE, the Guitar Summit will include a dedicated room for everything related to the topics of recoding and studio production. Various workshops with prominent instructors and special guests will cover topics such studio construction, choice of equipment, microphone techniques, home recording, software, plug-ins, as well as offering useful tips and tools, based on hand-on studio experience.

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