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Guitar Summit… Three Days. Guitars. Basses. Amps. Pedals.

Guitar Summit… Three Days. Guitars. Basses. Amps. Pedals.

From September 8 – 10, 2017, Mannheim, Germany, will become the center of Europe’s guitar universe.

More than 150 exhibitors are scheduled to show acoustic and electric guitars and basses, effect pedals, amps, and accessories, over 100 workshops will present the latest gear, and ongoing concerts will light up five stages. As if all that wasn’t enough, Summit parties on Friday and Saturday evening will feature even more exquisite live music!

The Guitar Summit is presented by Gitarre & Bass, and takes place in Mannheim’s Rosengarten, a legendary concert venue, spread out over more than six acres in the heart of this beautiful Unesco city.

Let’s Go Fingerstyle!

The acoustic guitar is the hottest thing going, and it goes without saying that the Guitar Summit will pay special tribute to what this instrument has to offer. Several stars of the acoustic scene will be on hand, including the mesmerizing JON GOMM, who makes his Lowden guitar sound like an orchestra, and whose inspired playing and singing have his music transcend its incredible level of technical virtuosity. New to the scene, ALEXANDR MISKO has grown a sizeable fan base with his YouTube videos, and he impresses with his genre-bending talent. A musical nomad who has lived in five countries, all of which have left a mark in his music, MANELI JAMAL will join the Guitar Summit all the way from Canada to present his fascinating fingerstyle playing.

Vintage Show

GuitarPoint Maintal’s Detlef Adler and his team will present an exclusive Vintage Show with approximately 250 acoustic and electric instruments from the golden years of vintage guitars. These will include highly interesting pre-war instruments going back as early as 1918.

Tube Amps

We’re presenting a special highlight for gear fans in collaboration with Musik Produktiv: Using a one-of-a-kind Amp Switching Matrix, it will be possible to combine 64 different amp heads with 64 different speaker cabinets with the push of a button. If you’ve ever wanted to easily compare countless combinations, this is your chance! Among the amps and cabinets available will be examples by Friedman, Bogner, Revv Amps, Orange, Engl, Victory Amps, Morgan Amps, Mesa/Boogie, Peavey, Marshall, and Ampete.

Workshops, Clinics, Concerts

A veritable firework of workshops that includes no fewer than 100 events will be held on five stages. The schedule includes two workshops and a concert with Jon Gomm, a workshop and a concert with Maneli Jamal, and a concert by Alexandr Misko. Sandberg Guitar’s Holger Stonjek will present a hands-on workshop on Instrument Woods, former Prince and 3rdEyeGirl bassist Ida Nielsen (above photo) presents a Funk Bass clinic and a concert with her trio. Ola Englund’s workshop will appeal to more than just metal fans, as the YouTube star and acclaimed guitarist with bands such as Feared, The Haunted, and Six Feet Under is going to present a workshop on volatile topics such as Self-Promotion and Social Media for Musicians, but also pros and cons of Amp Modeling. The tonal variety of Engl Amps will be demonstrated in two workshops by the leader of Almanac, and former Rage guitarist Victor Smolski.

Even more topics and artists appearances are being planned!

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