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Sandberg Guitars Innovates New Steamed Oak Fingerboard for Bass

Sandberg Guitars Innovates New Steamed Oak Fingerboard for Bass

Due to new regulations in January 2017 pertaining to the import of rosewood, string instrument manufacturers worldwide are forced to adapt and move away from rosewood fingerboards.

Sandberg Guitars has responded with an innovative new Steamed Oak fingerboard option for their basses, which will become their standard dark colored fingerboard wood. Oak is a very eco-friendly and sustainable wood with very desirable sonic qualities and dynamic response.

Sandberg has adopted a process, which changes the chemistry of the wood’s pigments and oxidizes the naturally occurring tannins in the wood. Oak is loaded with tannins so the final ‘steamed’ result is a permanently deep and warm dark wood with accentuated grain patterns that will look familiar to those who favor rosewood.

Once steamed, it has the warmth of rosewood yet gives the player improved right hand dynamic response similar to maple and a sharper attack like ebony. The final results are permanent and easy to maintain.

“We are very pleased with this new fingerboard option, it’s so nice to play, the dynamics and attack are wonderful and it looks great” – Holger Stonjek, founder and president of Sandberg Guitars.

The product was previewed at the 2017 Winter NAMM show and was well received by dealers, artists and even multiplatinum producers. Many didn’t know that they were playing a new type of fingerboard until they had fallen in love with the bass; a California VM4 in our new Black Matte finish with European Ash body, Canadian Rock Maple neck and Steamed Oak fingerboard. There was almost a bidding war!

While the stringed instrument industry is being forced to adapt to new regulations, Sandberg’s steamed oak is a friendly and innovative eco-friendly solution to the challenge. It also just happens to sound and feel amazing!

Availability – Sandberg Basses with steamed oak fingerboards are shipping now and will be soon added to the handy Sandberg online configuration utility.

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