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Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Eriq “EQ” Young

Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Eriq “EQ” Young

Trickfish is honored to welcome the frightfully funky and dynamic Eriq Young to the Trickfish family of artists.

He’s been the bassist with the multi-platinum heroes of Funk, ConFunkShun, for over 20 years. The band’s epic tour schedule and string of hit songs puts Eriq in front of massive crowds on a nightly basis where he’s not only known for his prodigious skills as a bassist, but his immensely entertaining stage presence.

Hailing from SF Bay Area, EQ has an impressive resume including opening for, playing with, and being signed by some the most recognizable names in the music business. He received his first guitar at the age of 8 and found himself imitating Sly Stone but it was the strong influence of Larry Graham that led Eric to switch to bass and study musical composition. The Bay area played a huge influence on Eriq where he was exposed to some incredible musicians and live shows including Tower of Power, Sly Stone, The Escovedos, and Pointer Sisters. Taking on the pressure of living up to such greats, EQ was determined to master not only his instruments but his showmanship. After spending quite a bit of time putting all his efforts into being the best he could be, EQ found himself as a member of Radiance (who developed a local following and were signed by Quincy Jones). In 1993 he appeared on Soul Train as part of Force One Network, another group signed by Quincy Jones. Shortly after he was also approached by Michael Cooper (manager of ConFunkShun) about playing guitar with him as part of Cooper’s solo career. ConFunkShun soon reunited and they moved EQ to the bass. He has continued this relationship for two decades and was just recently voted the “Northern California 2016 Entertainer of the Year” award.

“I first experienced Trickfish when the band played at Yoshi’s in Oakland. The staff recommended the house rig to me but I was a little leery as I had never heard of the company.” states Young. “I popped a couple of notes and hit the low E and knew immediately that this was the baddest amp on the planet. In fact, it was a two night run and I couldn’t wait to get back the second night just to play through the amp! It’s a young company and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

“EQ is a real deal, all in, all Funk, all the time player. It’s one thing to have some slap chops but another thing to just ooze a nasty, stanky, greasy groove. In fact, Larry Grahm himself has EQ sub for him when he can’t be there to rehearse Graham Central Station. That’s the DNA of Funk tapping on your shoulder!” says Richard Ruse, Trickfish founder. “When somebody is that deep and their skill that refined, they play with a level of authority that pushes a bass rig beyond the norm. Good enough won’t do…The fact that Eriq has chosen to join the family is a testament to the product and our design. And, as with most of the great musicians we encounter, he’s not just a great player but a true gentleman with a deep love for the positive power of music. We are honored to have him in the Trickfish family.”

Located in Southern California, Trickfish Amplification designs and builds professional grade musical instrument amplification products created to inspire musicians to play and sound their best. Learn more at @

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