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Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol 3 All Blues Play-Along

Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol 3 All Blues Play-Along

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In the 5 volume series from Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks, Volume 3 is chock-full of great blues tunes to play along with.

Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol 3 All Blues Play-Along contains ten of the greatest blues tune from artists such a Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, and quite a few more very recognizable legends.

The ten songs included are: All Blues, Back at the Chicken Shack, Billie’s Bounce, Birk’s Works, Blues by Five, C-Jam Blues, Mr. P.C., One for Daddy-O, Reunion Blues, and Turnaround. All of the charts are written in notation, complete with chord changes, time signature, and key.

There are a set of charts for C, Bb, Eb, and Bass clef instruments. The audio files are available online in the Hal Leonard library, which is very easy to access and if you have more Hal Leonard books that use the library, it’s a great way to have access to your audio files from anywhere you can get Internet access.

Here’s how the library works, and I would definitely recommend creating an account. Once you login to your Hal Leonard library, you can enter the access code for the book. In your library, each book shows a picture of the cover. With the Vol 3 All Blues Play-Along book, when you access the audio, it also displays the lead sheet with a marker that follows along with the audio, just as it is in the book. You can choose from one of the four audio files to play along depending on your instrument or full stereo mix. The stereo tracks can be downloaded and played offline. I would really suggest, if at all possible to play along with the audio from your library. In your library, you have options to choose… which instruments you want to hear, or don’t want to hear, tempo of playback, which does not affect the audio, loop areas you may want to focus on, click, and number of count in bars.

I had a great time playing along with these tunes and I’m definitely going to continue playing along with them. The audio tracks are very accurate and easy to play along with, most like the band is right there with you! Be sure to check this one out.

Hal Leonard’s Real Book Multi-Tracks Vol 3 All Blues Play-Along available at

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