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The Latest on GUITAR SUMMIT 2017

The Latest on GUITAR SUMMIT 2017

The wait is almost over: From September 8 – 10, 2017, Mannheim, Germany, will become the European center of the guitar world.

For three days, the focus will be on electric and acoustic guitars, basses, effect pedals, amps, and accessories. The GUITAR SUMMIT takes place in Mannheim’s Rosengarten, a legendary concert venue just five minutes from the main train station, directly adjacent to the downtown pedestrian area, and surrounded by hotels and restaurants. Those arriving by car may use the parking garage directly below the Rosengarten.

Some Facts:

  • More than 120 exhibitors will show the newest and hottest products by 300 manufacturers on four levels.
  • Known from the Holy Grail Guitar show, the EGB (European Guitar Builders) is hosting a BOUTIQUE GUITAR SHOW featuring instruments by luthiers from around the world.
  • Due to health reasons, the planned vintage guitar show can unfortunately not be presented in cooperation with Detlef Alder as originally announced, but we’re working on presenting some very special treasures!
  • TUBE AMP-FINITY! Located in a dedicated room in the Amp World Area, this is were you can try combinations of 64 tube amps with 64 cabinets at the push of a button, and at full volume – An inspiring experience!
  • We’re working on a FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL next to the venue to ensure that nobody goes hungry!
  • On Saturday, there will be a MUSICIAN’S FLEAMARKET for used instruments, CDs, and LPs in front of the Rosengarten. For info and to register, please visit
  • Friday and Saturday evenings will be capped off with PARTIES, naturally featuring LIVE MUSIC! Friday will be all about acoustic fingerstyle guitar virtuosos, such as JON GOMM, TOBIAS RAUSCHER, AXEXANDR MISKO, and MANELI JAMAL. Saturday will be electric and loud: Former Prince bassist IDA NIELSEN and her band (which features Holger Stonjek) are bound to burn down the house with their funk-rock fireworks. She will be followed by THOMAS BLUG and his ROCKANARCHIE, featuring guests including GUTHRIE GOVAN, VICTOR SMOLSKI, GREGOR HILDEN, JEN MAJURA, DENNIS HORMES, and many more—a highlight for fans of virtuoso guitar music! The evening will close out with an instrumental set by post-rockers LONG DISTANCE CALLING. Updated info and tickets at GUITARSUMMIT.DE.

Some of the Workshop Highlights!

YouTube star and metal-head Ola Englund is working overtime on his own guitar company. We’ve invited the Swede for two workshops, one on Self-Marketing, another on Modeling Amps.

Thomas Blug may be Europe’s best-known Strat player, and in his in various workshops, he will discuss tone, as well as how to keep practicing fun. In addition, as the leader of Rockanarchie, he will front the Guitar Summit Electric Party jam session, which is going to feature guests such as Jen Majura, Guthrie Govan, Dennis Hormes, and Gregor Hilden.

We’re bursting with pride that we’re able to welcome Guthrie Govan as one of our workshop artists in Mannheim. Even though Guthrie’s calendar is virtually maxed out due to his tour with Hans Zimmer, we’re happy that he can join us for the Guitar Summit. (Photo by Swaraj Sriwastav).

Our youngest workshop artist is Tommy Emmanuel prodigy Frano, who is bound to be a highlight on the Acoustic Stage. Those who don’t know the 12-year old guitarist should catch up before September—YouTube to the rescue! Required viewing. (Photo by Claude Piscitelli).

Workshops by German metal legend and Engl and Cordial endorser,

Victor Smolski, will discuss playing techniques that allow shredding without fatigue. Victor will also present his current gear.

Martin Miller is a long-time Fractal-Audio user, and he will demonstrate the sounds he gets from his AxeFx, how he creates his patches, and how he gets them onto his pedal board, ready for performance.

Russian acoustic fingerstylist Alexandr Misko has made a name for himself online by way of his virtuoso video clips.

In his workshop “Different Electric Guitar Physics,” Gitarre & Bass author Udo Pipper will talk about his experiences around the topic of good guitar tone. This session is all about the facts on hardware, pickups, electronics, setup, amps, wood, finish, and glue.

Pioneering extended range professional and Gitarre & Bass author Simon Hawemann will travel all the way from Tampa, Florida, to present his two workshops on Extended Range Guitars in Mannheim.

The European Guitar Builders (EGB), organizers of the Holy Grail Guitar Show, will have a large booth in the Guitar Summit’s Boutique Area. In response to ongoing confusion about CITES rules, EGB luthiers will shine a light on this topic during a workshop.

Jen Majura, a Cordial/Ibanez endorser and guitarist with the band Evanescene, will talk about her tour experiences and gear. Together with her guitar tech Marc Niedersberg, she’ll she available to answer questions.

Bass princess Ida Nielsen who played with Prince, is a guest at the festival. She’ll present a workshop, and, together with Sandberg founder Holger Stonjek, will be sure to get funky at the Guitar Summit Electric Party.

Long Distance Calling guitarist David Jordan is a guitar nerd on his way to becoming a repair legend. In his workshop, he will take a look at the crucial points of an ideal electric guitar setup. Looking at the archetypal construction details of the Les Paul and the Strat, he’ll discuss how to create a roadmap to a perfectly playing instrument.

Hailing from Kanada, Maneli Jamal will talk about all the musical possibilities of his instrument, and demonstrate his playing technique in detail. (Photo by Dita Vollmond)

If there was a works council for guitar-techs, then Vienna’s Thomas Nordegg would be the chair of the board, twice. There are very few techs who have been in business for as long, and whose clients are a who’s who of rock ‘n’ roll history. Thomas drove Frank Zappa’s kids to school, and today, he works for Steve Vai, Orianthi, and Richie Sambora. We’re looking forward to hear from him first hand during his workshop.

The Tube Amp Doctor is the number one address for questions around amp tuning, changing tubes, and repairs. At his workshop, he will explain why it’s important to recalibrate new tubes, but also when it’s ok to skip this step. Live demos will be included!

Germany’s pickup guru Andreas Kloppmann will be a guest at the Guitar Summit, and in his workshop, he will dip into his more than 30 years of experience to discuss tone. Together with Thomas Blug, he’ll offer glimpses into the wonderful world of pickups, electronics, and sounds.

Shure and Grossman Audio are cooperating for a joined workshop on how to use cranked-up tube amps in a home recording environment using isolation cabinets (sound proofed, sealed amp cabs). A comparison of various microphones will also be included.

Ortega Guitars is offering several Ukulele Workshops with Rüdiger Eisenhauer for anyone wishing to give these little instruments a try. Workshops will include material for beginners and more advanced players.

The Guitar Summit Party will culminate in a performance by post-rocker Long Distance Calling. Hailing from Münster, the band is about to finish recording a new album, and is bound to present some of its new material live at the Guitar Summit.

Musician and author Thomas Dill has created numerous video tutorials and sound demos for Kemper. In Mannheim, he will present various workshops that explain the workflow of the Kemper Profiler on stage, and in combination with effects. He will offer useful tips for dialing in sounds, programming performances, and monitoring.

Jon Gomm’s performance at the Guitar Summit Acoustic Party on Friday night will without any doubt be the acoustic highlight of the event. Not only has the British guitarist developed a highly unique approach to percussive fingerstyle playing, but he is also a gifted singer-songwriter. A search for “Passionflower” will have you marvel at a lot more than the 13 Million plays that the YouTube clips has already received. Jon will also answer questions in two workshops.

Up-to-date Info& Tickets at WWW.GUITARSUMMIT.DE

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