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WEST with His New Warwick Custom Shop Basses

WEST with His New Warwick Custom Shop Basses

The German metal band “HÄMATOM” (English: hematoma) – founded in 2004 – comes from Franconia.

The lyrics of their songs are written exclusively in German language. Their current album “Wir sind Gott” (We are God) rose to # 5 in the Media Control Charts and stayed in the Top 100 for a few weeks. Bass player “WEST” is a Warwick endorser. Like his band mates “NORD” (north), “SÜD” (south) and “OST” (east), he wears a special mask on stage.

Some time ago, “WEST”, of course with his mask, visited the Framus & Warwick Headquarter in Markneukirchen to order three Warwick Custom Shop basses, which represent more or less replicas of his Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt Streamer in Nirvana Black, which he has been playing for several years.

Two of these “replicas” differ rather subtly from the original model, especially with regard to the circuitry and the LED inlays. The third bass is mainly due to the “Rusty Finish” and the “Stay Kränk” inlay, named after the 2010 “HÄMATOM” album.

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