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Personal Build Consultations With Roger Sadowsky

Personal Build Consultations With Roger Sadowsky

Do you have a sound in your head but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Book a personal build consultation with Roger Sadowsky

Luthier Roger Sadowsky has spent the last four decades working with some of the best bass and guitar players in the world to navigate just that challenge. He’s here to help you too.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started with a build is knowing how your needs translate into fingerboard woods, pickup configurations, and nut widths.

If you’ve been thinking about building your dream instrument but aren’t quite sure where to start – let Roger help.

Roger spends most of his day in the workshop, but he’d like to start taking extra time to speak directly with all of you. From now until mid-October, Roger will be scheduling personal consultations with anyone looking to start their own build. We have limited spots available so please email to get on the schedule!

It only takes a $500 deposit and that sound in your head to start building the perfect instrument, so let Roger help you make it happen!

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