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Syntronik Brings the Keyboard Funk

Syntronik Brings the Keyboard Funk

As I mentioned a while back, keyboard fluency for the working bassist (in this day and age where bass guitarists are doubling on synths) is a must. For those that can’t/won’t fork over the money for a full keyboard but opt for something like the iRig Keys PRO controller, that’s only half the equation. Where can you find some amazing synth sounds to couple with your controller. Syntronik from IK Multimedia is the answer we’ve been looking for.

We Want the Funk

Sampling 38 iconic synthesizers and string machines, Syntronik is a synth powerhouse. Raising the bar in terms of what virtual instrument technology and sound quality can do, Syntronik brings you the “ultimate and best-sounding collection of vintage synthesizers to date.” Add into the mix the new exclusive DRIFT technology that accurately reproduces the behavior of oscillators from real synths, and you have a digital instrument that acts just like it vintage counterpart.

Give Us the Funk

Diving into Syntronik was a breeze. I fired up the program, plugged in my iRig Keys PRO and was off. The user interface is easy to use to get a sound up and running. Toggling between the instrument selection window and the “dashboard” of the synth in use brought up an interface that looked and behaved exactly like its real world counterpart. All the knobs and switches were right at your disposal.

This is where the DRIFT technology that they tout really shines. The oscillation in these synths were legendary, so any software version had better be on point. They work incredibly well, and have the same liquidity and feel as the original. I found myself spending a lot of time tweaking the filters, to see how crazy I could get them.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the ability to throw effects into the mix (Syntronik comes with 38 effects, derived from their best-selling T-RackS mix and mastering suite and AmpliTube guitar workstation). I didn’t have a lot of time to really dive into this section of the program, but needless to say, what I was able to quickly throw at my synth worked well.

In Conclusion

I’ve really only scratched the surface as to what Syntronik can do. All the usability and functionality of the original sampled synths are here, and while it may take a bit of tweaking to get used to the full navigation, it’s greatly worth it. And, much easier for when it comes to loading into the gig, I might add…!

Visit the Syntronik Website for More Information


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