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Victor Wooten Bass Workshop: The Language of Music and How to Speak It

Victor Wooten Bass Workshop: The Language of Music and How to Speak It

Rob Wallis, founder of Hudson Music, is pleased to announce the release of a new educational book by bass great Victor Wooten. It is Vic’s first new educational book in over 20 years.

“Once in a generation a musician comes along who changes the instrument. Victor is that player, and with this new book, he helps show not only the notes, but also his thinking and creative process. It covers what music schools don’t teach, and is a must for any serious bass player,” says Wallis.

Victor Lemonte Wooten emerged as a game-changing bassist in the early 90s, through his highly innovative playing with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones. When he launched his solo career a few years later with his debut CD, A Show of Hands, it soon became apparent that Wooten was also a major musical force, thanks to an organic and highly original approach to music and music education.

In this book/online video package, “Victor Wooten Bass Workshop: The Language of Music and How to Speak It,” Victor reveals his musical soul.

In Part 1, he outlines his ten essential elements of music including such important and under-emphasized areas as emotion and feel, dynamics, tone, phrasing, space, and listening. This section focuses more on Victor’s concepts and approaches and is more theoretical in nature.

In Part 2, Victor offers personal lessons, using text, notation, tablature, and video footage to cover such key topics as warming up and hand-strengthening, tone, harmonics, thumb technique, tapping, looping, and soloing. This section is a more “how-to” approach with hands-on demonstrations. Throughout, Victor underscores this vital material with a groove-first ethic, as well as an accent on being musical and creative — three mandatory ingredients to becoming a highly sought-after professional bassist. All of which makes Victor Wooten Bass Workshopmust-have tool for bass players at all levels. The package includes 4 hours of online video that can be streamed or downloaded.

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