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This Week’s Top 10 Basses on Instagram

This Week’s Top 10 Basses on Instagram

Check out our top 10 favorite basses on Instagram this week…

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#oddball #shortscale #bass #bassguitar #vintagebass #sunburst #vintageguitar #olson #premierbass #multivox #marvel #magnatone Here is one we don't know what it is. It seems like a late 50s, early 60s electric bass but hard to tell who the maker was. The seller we bought it from has a few ideas that seem sound. The neck plate looks similar to what Magnatone used in that era. The headstock looks sort of Gibson-y but not quite. Other details look similar to instruments made by Premiere, Multivox, Marvel, Airline… but nothing in our search matches too closely. There are no markings on the instrument besides the pickup which says Olson. Perhaps this was a one off… Perhaps this has a similar story to Kapa instruments where someone created their own instruments using parts purchased from other makers. It has a simplicity to it and along with its short scale, may have been created as an inexpensive student model. We're just not sure. What we are sure of is that this is a interesting and unique short scale bass. The body is solid and heavy for it's size, the neck is round like a baseball bat and does have an adjustable trussrod, the design is economical with the tone and volume knobs sharing the same plate as the pickup. Let us know if you have an idea of who made it or where it's from.

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#bass #electricbass #rock #music #strings #rocknroll

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