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Amptweaker Releases Curveball EQ/Boost

The Amptweaker Curveball™ Jr EQ and Boost pedal is an easy to use but very powerful tool for shaping your tone, boosting your amp and tweaking your pedalboard.

This special 3 band active eq is flat when set halfway, has 10dB of Low/High boost and parked-wah level boosting of the Mid, and can even mimic various classic passive guitar amp eq’s.  There’s a Mid switch to set the mid frequency for US, UK or Thrash style of midrange, making it a great choice for use as a clean preamp when used with other Amptweaker pedals’ SideTrak loops and going straight to a power amp. 

The popular Tight circuit is included as a three position switch, allowing the Curveball Jr to be used for an input booster to tighten up the attack of your amp while adding more gain.  There’s even a volume knob so you can use it to cut or boost the overall volume once you get the tone tweaked.

A special footswitch circuit allows you to press/hold the footswitch to lock the EQ ON, and then the footswitch accesses a secondary boost on the side of the pedal.  This can be used to compensate between two guitars, or just set up two levels of gain.  If you use the pedal after distortion or in the amp’s effects loop, you can lock in the tone tweak and use the secondary boost for a solo boost.

As with most Amptweaker products, the Curveball Jr runs on 9V for a bit of distortion when cranked, up to 18V for the maximum clean headroom and dynamics.

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