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Hartke Introduces HyDrive 112b – Compact, 1 x 12” Bass Cabinet

Hartke, an industry leader in bass amplification, introduces the HyDrive 112b, a compact 12” bass cabinet, at NAMM 2018.

This 4? cabinet is ideal for gigging bass players looking to get the most power out of their amplifier in any performance setting. Featuring Hartke’s patented paper/aluminum HyDrive Speaker Technology for unmatched tone depth and clarity, this lightweight 300 watt cabinet is a perfect and affordable solution for any portable bass setup.

The Hartke 112b will be available in February

2018 at all major MI retailers for $299.99.

HyDrive Speaker Technology

HyDrive speakers feature carefully crafted paper/aluminum hybrid cone drivers. The hybrid makeup delivers an exceptional blend of warmth and attack that cannot be attained by traditional all-paper bass speakers. The outside paper cone delivers a smooth, even response with a deep tone, while the inner anodized aluminum cone produces smooth mids for an even tone that can be tailored for any style of music.

Perfect with the Hartke TX300 The HyDrive 112b is the perfect extension cabinet for the new Hartke TX300 or any modern lightweight bass amplifier.

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