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Evan Marien Talks GHS Super Steels

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Evan Marien Talks GHS Super Steels

GHS artist and bassist, Evan Marien, is well known for his signature sound, playing techniques as well as his groundbreaking duo, Evan x Dana.

One of the big components to his sound is a custom gauged (35-58-70-90-121) set of GHS Super Steels. In his endorsing artist video for GHS Strings, Evan talks specifically about why he likes this specific gauging, which allows him the freedom to play with a lighter touch. This, in turn, frees up his hands for more fluid technique.

About Evan Marien

Berklee alum, Evan Marien, is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. He has played bass with electronic songwriter Elliot Moss, Thundercat drummer Justin Brown’s NYEUSI, and he was the last bassist in guitar legend Allan Holdworth’s band. He was named one of the Top 3 “Most Exciting New Players” in Bass Player Magazine’s Readers Choice Award. For more information, visit

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