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Sadowsky Releases Re-Engineered Line of Flatwound Strings for Bass and Guitar

Sadowsky Guitars is proud to announce the official release of their new Blue Label Flatwound strings for bass and guitar.

In a continuing process of refinement, these newly re-engineered flatwound strings incorporate the best qualities of the original Black Label and Blue Label Flatwounds. The result is improved tone, feel, and consistency. Each string is precision wound on a cello string winder for unequalled quality with a stainless wrap on hex core.

The bass flatwounds are superb for fretless basses or for that classic Motown sound. The guitar flatwound strings are equally outstanding for a classic jazz guitar tone.

“Our challenge was to create a string with a true vintage tone and feel that retains a strong fundamental to sit well in the mix,” stated Roger Sadowsky. “Consistency has historically been an issue with all flatwound strings, with sets containing a high frequency of defective strings. Significantly improved consistency was a priority of our new design, especially given the cost and longevity of flatwound strings.”

Available now from Sadowsky dealers and direct from the Sadowsky online store. The 4-string bass set is available in 40-100 and 45-105 gauges for $48-$50 and the 5-string bass set is available in 40-125T and 45-130T gauges for $67-$72. Guitar sets range from 11-48, 11-50, 12-52, and 13-56 and are priced at $22-$35 per set.

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