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Review – Duran Duran Bass Transcriptions by Aidan Hampson

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Aidan Hampson just keeps cranking out great bass transcriptions.

The Duran Duran bass transcriptions book has a lot of the popular tunes from Duran Duran such as Girls on Fils, Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf, and many others including Planet Earth, Save a Prayer, The Reflex, The Wild Boys, A View to Kill, Notorious, Is There Something I Should Know, and Come Undone.

The transcriptions are spot-on and I had a lot of fun playing these.

Some of the bass lines are real funky and articulated, of course, each in it’s own way to fit the song. John Taylor created some really great bass lines and they are definitely worth looking at and studying to increase your bass vocabulary.

All of the transcriptions are in standard tuning, except where noted.

They also include standard notation and tablature, time signatures, keys, tempo, chord changes and section markers. I had a lot of fun playing along with these and I am sure you will as well.

While a lot of songs come from different albums such as Duran Duran, Rio, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Arena, A View to Kill, and Notorious, all  of the songs can be found on Duran Duran’s Decade Greatest Hits album, except for Come Undone and Ordinary World, which can be found on the Duran Duran Wedding Album.

Check out Aidan Hampson’s Duran Duran Bass Transcriptions available from

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