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Warwick Artist Video – Leonid Maksimov and His New Streamer Stage

Leonid Maksimov presents his Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt Streamer Stage I

Check out this solo performance of the song Experiment Krasoty, in which Leonid takes on the bass.

The outstanding feature of this instrument is that the lacquer glows in the dark, but the surface also looks no less spectacular in the light.

The Framus & Warwick Custom Shop team came up with a special method to place the light layer under the actual paint and let it shine through the surface.

For aesthetic reasons, phosphorescent materials are less suitable as surfaces that are also visually appealing. If these materials are mixed or covered with thin layers of paint, the luminosity is very quickly reduced. For example, several, highly phosphorescent layers of very high quality were applied to a white primer in a lengthy procedure and then covered with a finely pigmented, iridescent lacquer that allows enough light to shine through to achieve a clearly visible luminous effect. This process took about 10 to 11 hours.

The result of these efforts can absolutely be seen here – after homogeneous irradiation by light (e.g. alone by the strong stage lighting at a concert), the surface shines brightly in the dark for several minutes. This effect is supported by the green LEDs of the inlays. In the light, on the other hand, this Warwick Streamer shines in all spectral colors with a mother-of-pearl effect varnish.

Framus & Warwick have already released a “Making the Instrument” video about this bass on their official YouTube Channel (, which shows the manufacturing process of this instrument.

The “Glow In The Dark Streamer” found its way into the Warwick Custom Shop Arsenal by Leonid Maksimov in late summer 2017, who wants to share his visible enthusiasm with us in this demonstration.

Phosphorescent elements are also used in the current Framus Custom Shop Phil X Signature model (guitarist with Bon Jovi), which can be admired for several months at Bon Jovi’s live concerts alongside Phil’s guitar skills and other Framus Custom Shop creations.

For more information about Leonid Maksimov’s Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt Streamer Stage I, click here.

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