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Best of Billy Sheehan by Hal Leonard

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The Best of Billy Sheehan by Hal Leonard is another great entry into the Bass Recorded Versions by Hal Leonard.

If you aren’t familiar with the Bass Recorded Versions from Hal Leonard, they are exact transcriptions of recorded versions by the particular artists on the specified recordings that are noted with each transcription.

The Best of Billy Sheehan covers Billy’s many years with bands such as Mr. Big, Niacin, David Lee Roth, Talas, as well as his solo recordings. The transcriptions from Mr. Big years include “Addicted to That Rush”, “Colorado Bulldog”, “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy”, “Green Tinted Sixties Mind”, and “Price You Gotta Pay”. Niacin includes “Elbow Grease”. Billy’s time with David Lee Roth covers “Elephant Gun”, “Shy Boy”, and “Yankee Rose”. Talas years includes “High Speed on Ice”, and “NV43345”. Billy’s solo years includes “Chameleon”, “Dynamic Exhilarator”, and “Suspense is Killing Me “.

Each tune in the Best of Billy Sheehan includes the artist, album the transcription is from as well as song credits.

Also included is the complete bass notation and tablature, along with tempo, time signature, chords, and lyrics. Everything that Billy did on the bass is noted, from the technique he used to where tapping was applied and various other things that are noted along with the transcribed bass lines.

The Best of Billy Sheehan is available at in both Kindle and Paperback versions, as well as

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