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RockCare® Bass StringJet 64 String Cleaner

The RockCare® StringJet 64 is a little helper that will improve the longevity of your strings and preserves their original tone.

Perfectly suited for 6-string guitars and 4-string basses it can be used for any stringed instrument, acoustic or electric, with a max-distance of 57mm from highest to lowest string.

It’s soft micro fiber cleaning pads will rejuvenate your strings and clean them all around. The StringJet 64 can be used just on it’s own or together with any liquid string cleaning agent, which it will apply evenly over the entire length of the strings.

Different from many use-and-disposable products on the market, the StringJet 64’s micro fiber pads are re-usable and can be easily cleaned with warm water and a drop of liquid soap. Additionally each StringJet 64 comes with 2 extra replacement cleaning pad sets!

Available from mid-June.

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