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Best Of Radiohead Bass Transcriptions

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Best Of Radiohead Bass Transcriptions

Since the mid-’80s, this powerful British rock band has been creating, performing and recording, pulling influences from electronic music, hip hop, and artists of all stripes. Here are bass lines as played by Colin Greenwood on 16 of their hits.

Written in Standard Notation and TAB. 44 pages.

Transcribed by Aidan Hampson


• Creep
• High and Dry
• Fake Plastic Trees
• Just
• My Iron Lung
• Street Spirit (Fade Out)
• Paranoid Android
• Exit Music (For a Film)
• Karma Police
• No Surprises
• Pyramid Song
• There There
• Nude
• Reckoner
• Lotus Flower
• Daydreaming

Best Of Radiohead Bass Transcriptions available at BassBooks.com

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