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Making of the Instrument, the Warwick Fortress One for Joe Hubbard

Check out this Making of the Instrument, the Warwick Fortress One for Bassist Joe Hubbard…

From raw wood to finished instruments: in our MAKING THE INSTRUMENT videos we show the production of Warwick Masterbuilt guitars at the Custom Shop in Markneukirchen / Germany.

Together with Marcus Spangler (Warwick’s Head of Research & Design), Joe Hubbard created the latest addition to his personal collection of exquisite Warwick Custom Shop basses. On the basis of the Warwick model “Fortress”, a tailor-made instrument on premium quality level was developed in the German custom shop factory, which corresponds to Joe’s individual preferences to the finest detail.

Joe Hubbard has been influenced by, among others, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Pat Metheny and Marcus Miller.

He is one of the most accomplished bass players for jazz, funk, fusion, rock and blues. Hubbard also works as a book author, bass teacher, clinician and jazz fusion recording artist. As if that was not enough, Joe Hubbard also gives classes in Japanese martial arts in London.

This Warwick Fortress One differs significantly from the regular Fortress model, to fit Joe’s personal needs and features several additions to leave a personal mark to this magnificent piece of craftsmanship. So you will find a signature engraving on the fretboard and the JHB (Joe Hubbard Bass) logo on the headstock. In contrast to the standard model of the Warwick Fortress, this version features additional cut outs at both horns to enhance the grain of the wood. Also, the neck joint is circled with elegant curves which connect the two horns over the body’s back.

The bridge is an All-Parts Omega bass bridge, combined with a lever-controlled, multi-stage string damping.

Joe Hubbard’s Fortress One also features: AAA Flamed Maple Body, Honey Violin Transparent Satin Finish, Flamed Maple Neck (bolt-on), Birdseye Maple Fingerboard and Black Hardware Just a Nut III Tedur Saddle, Warwick Metal Winged Tuners, 24 nickel-silver extra narrow frets, Dunlop Flush Mounts Strap System and active Aguilar Super Doubles pickups (Bridge & Neck) with a dedicated active MEC 3 way electronics. The Aguilar pickups are also controlled by a custom potentiometer layout for extra versatile tonal options.

Musically, this MAKING THE INSTRUMENT video is underlined by Joe Hubbard: ‘A Seat at the Table’ and ‘Alien Nation’.

Click here for more information about Joe Hubbard’s new Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt instrument

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