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Marco Panzarella Online Bass Tutor, Now Accepting New Students

Looking for a new Bass Instructor for online lessons? Consider signing on with Marco Panzarella…

Marco, who has extensive live and recording experience, knows about Bass… his journey with music has been all about studying, researching and applying it. He has a Degree in Popular Music and a Master in Jazz.

As a Bass tutor with many years of experience, Marco has taught in many different schools to well over 1000 students. He listens to what his students want and he knows what they need, as he had the same questions during his studies. He shares, “In my work, what I am most interested in is the interaction with and the inspiration of my students.”

What to Expect From and Online Bass Tutor:

Marco’s online lessons offer a new way of tutoring where students get:

  • Interactive lessons
  • Great sound quality
  • In real-time
  • The ability to ask questions

You can interact fully in a music lesson and get the tips and techniques you are looking for.

What’s Included:

Students simply login online at a time that suits them. Lessons are accompanied by backing tracks, pdfs, transcription and tips all available on a student’s online folder so you have the full resources to study until your next lesson. Marco’s aim is to get his students fully trained and playing at a great level so once they’ve completed what they need they are fully confident and able to perform!


Courses are broken up into 10 lessons per genre, including rock, blues and funk to more advanced courses exploring topics such as Harmony and Soloing. Each part of the course can be selected individually or students can work through the 10 block lessons to get the full skills they require.

Get Started with Marco Panzarella, Online Bass Tutor

Booking is easy through Marco’s calendar, where you can get a live lesson of your choice.

Click to Learn More and Get Started Now

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