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RockBoard® Winter NAMM 2019 News

RockBoard® Winter NAMM 2019 News

The new RockBoard® systems introduced last year, including accessories such as modules etc., have been enthusiastically acclaimed by musicians all over the world. This year the RockBoard pedalboard series will be extended and supplemented by several new products. Also, wishes of musicians have been put into action and corresponding updates have been made.

At the NAMM Show 2019, which will take place from January 24thto 27thin Anaheim/California, you will find the RockBoard® innovations as usual at the Framus & Warwick booth: Booth 4636 in Hall D

RockBoard® News NAMM Show 2019 Overview

The following RockBoard® novelties and updates will be shown at the NAMM Show 2019:

  • New RockBoard® Mini Board Duo 2.0
  • The slot grid of the RockBoards has been extended to the edges of the boards – perfect for the use of the new optional RockBoard QuickMount plates
  • Additional mounting positions added for RockBoard® The Tray – Universal power supply mounting solution (for RockBoard® Quad 4.2, Cinque 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 models)
  • The RockBoards 5.3 and 5.4 have received additional slots for a second optional MOD module
  • Power Block: power supply with 8 x 9V DC and 2 x 18V DC outputs for effect pedals
  • QuickMount plates – for easy and safe attachment of effect pedals
  • PedalSafe – transparent covers with removable cap for effect pedals – fits QuickMount plates
  • Damper: Damper Caps for too bright effect pedal LEDs
  • MOD V2: Updates for all MODs – new MOD modules including two Power MODs (75W or 150W power amps for RockBoards)
  • LED Lights – optional pedalboard lighting, multicolored
  • BigToe and StomPete Footswitch Toppers – Enlarging the footprint of foot switches
  • PatchWorks Solderless Cable Products
  • SAPPHIRE Series Flat Patch Cables – “the best of our best”, cables with audiophile components
  • Flat Patch Color Code Rings – for color marking of Flat Patch Cables
  • Bender75 – Flat Bender Connector – super flexible 75mm long connector for effect pedals
  • Extended RockBoard® accessory range
  • Lightweight, sturdy ABS pedalboard cases as an alternative to flight cases and gig bags
  • New Professional Pedalboard Bags (see below)

The gig bags for our complete RockBoard® program have been further improved and equipped with more features.

They further enhance the RockBoards and are now also available separately.

The RockBoard® Professional Pedalboard Bags are even more durable and stable, with “honeycomb” inlays on the front, back and bottom side for added protection and a inside stretch belt with clip fasteners.

See the RockBoard® catalogue for more information:

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