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Stonefield Releases Mid-Size Amplifier Cabinets

Stonefield Releases Mid-Size Amplifier Cabinets

Only last week we heard from Stonefield Founder Tomm Stanley who got in touch to fill us in on their introduction of the Mighty Mini amplifier cabinets.  The little cabinets are small, lightweight and much more powerful than theirdiminutive size would indicate.  On top of that they are some of the coolest looking cabinets we’ve seen enter the market.  Now, just a week later, and Stonefield are introducing … a new amplifier cabinet!  Where did this suddenly come from and why wasn’t it  brought up in the discussion last week?  We thought Tomm had some explaining to do: “I got in touch last week to introduce the 6.5-inch and the 8-inch Mighty Mini cabinets, but they are only part of the range of small, lightweight, powerful and innovative cabinets that we’re currently working on.  We were still trying to iron out a few functional elements with this 10-inch cabinet and a 12-incher as well.  I wasn’t confident that they would make it with us to the NAMM Show, so thought it better to stay quiet about them.”

Further discussion revealed that Stonefield and the manufacturer that’s developing the carbon fibre cone, neodymium magnet drivers (similar to those used in the smaller cabinets) targeted to be in the 450W power handling range were just not happy with the performance they were hearing. “We’re going to need a little more time to dial in those larger drivers so I checked into some industry standard options and found that when we punched the T/S numbers of the Eminence BassLite S2010 into our modeling software, that they were very compatible with our existing cabinet design. We got our hands on one and spent the last week adjusting and making tweaks to the cabinet.  It all came together on Thursday last week, just four days before my flight to California.  This baby rocks!”

The 10-inch cabinet that Stonefield has classified with a Mid-Size designation is now going to be on the NAMM stand with Tomm and the Stonefield team.

The cabinet is equipped with a crossover that allows a titanium dome tweeter to handle the high frequency work and at 8 ohms the package delivers 300W and covers a functional frequency range from 45hz to 10,000hz.  With those numbers coming from a  small cabinet that weighs in at just over 22lbs/11kgs … we’re impressed.

If you’re fortunate enough to be at the NAMM Show stop in to see Tomm and the Stonefield team in Hall D, Stand 3927 and for more on the entire line of Stonefield products check out their website at and also their social media channels with FB, IG and YT all under Stonefield Music.

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