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This Week’s Top 10 Basses on Instagram

Check out our top 10 favorite basses on Instagram this week…

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Darlings are not just guitars. Here’s an example of a lovely short scale Darling bass that we finished last month. Coco Bolo top with a triple pinstripe accent of Maple and Purpleheart. The neck is also Maple and Purpleheart. For the Ebony fingerboard we’ve added abalone inlays and a tulip tip end for a lovely decoration. The pickups are our stacked humcancelling type with an MXY at the neck and a FatBoy at the bridge. Electronics feature a combination of our classic filter and Q switch for tone controls and a set of bass and treble cut/boost controls for flexibility. This custom order was handled by Will Gunn Guitars of Portland, Oregon. * * * * #alembic #cocobolo #darlingbass #custombass #shortscale #handmade #madeinusa

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Massive P-bass sound on this Roks Seven!

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El maestro @danbus grabando con su Signature PH522 Std lo nuevo de @marcobarrientos ..! Esperamos tu orden!! Contáctanos por nuestra web o por Whatsapp.! +5491168758081 www.soamecustomguitars.com Ajustamos todas las configuraciones para tu comodidad y armamos tu plan de pago personalizado, 17 años construyendo Custom Bass. @hipshotproducts @aguilaramp @daddarioandco @baixonatural @bassplayunited @basscentralstore @basscentre @bassplayermag @bassmusicianmag @b.a.s.s.p.o.r.n @killerbasses @isdrous @bassmusicianmag @basslinemusicshop @bassplayeruniverse @basstheworld #bassplayersunited #baxionatural #basscentre #bassplayer #bassplayermag #daddariostrings #aguilaramp #basslinemusicshop #bassporn #hipshot #soamecustomguitars

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a Gold Plated Classic Booster Bass!

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