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Momo’s Motivation for Musicians – How To Become A Fan Of The People You Work With

Momo’s Motivation for Musicians – How To Become A Fan Of The People You Work With

When it comes to working with a team, a band, or any kind of co-workers it is not always that obvious or possible to become a true fan of all the people involved.

I believe that it is key in achieving the best longevity, creativity, and actually the best way for reaching your true goals in the fastest, easiest and most pleasant way possible.

Finding and accepting peoples true strength’s, compatibly, and how we let them affect the outcome of our life’s plans to me, is a calculated choice.

Every thing needs to be placed in the mix just right so you don’t get sick of that song like you get sick of the people your working with and have to start from scratch again each time.

Here is my prospective on how to achieve your life’s true remix so that you can turn your coworkers into long term classic hits, by becoming a fan of them and them becoming a fan of you.

I hope this helps you out in any way on dealing with this issue, and thank you for taking the time to listen to Momos Motivation for Musicians right here on Bass musician Magazine.

You guys totally Rock –

M xoxo


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