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RockBoard Releases MOD 1, 2, 3 V2, Cases and More

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RockBoard Releases MOD 1, 2, 3 V2, Cases and More

Already announced at Winter NAMM, further RockBoard® novelties will be available: The popular modules MOD 1, MOD 2 and MOD 3 in versions 2, stable and lightweight ABS cases for the RockBoards, the ingenious LED Light board lighting as well as the useful StomPete and BigToe footswitch toppers.

RockBoard® Modules MOD 1 V2 / MOD 2 V2 / MOD 3 V2

The RockBoard® modules MOD 1 (All-in-One TRS & XLR Patchbay), MOD 2 (All-in-One TRS, MIDI & USB Patchbay) and MOD 3 (All-in-One TRS & XLR Patchbay for Vocalists & Acoustic Players) have been updated and refined and offer the following additional features in version 2:

  • MOD 2 and MOD 3 V2 feature an additional hollow plug thru connector, which has always been available with MOD 1
  • Smaller housing
  • Detachable front panel in black
  • Separately available MOD RACK allows mounting also on third party boards

Demo video:

Available from the end of July.

RockBoard® ABS Cases for Pedalboards

All RockBoards (except DUO 2.0) are now available with ABS case, except gigbag or flightcase. All RockBoard® ABS cases are also available separately. These pedal board cases are lighter than flight cases, but still robust enough for the stresses and strains of everyday touring. Our professional ABS pedalboard cases are available for all RockBoard pedalboards (except DUO 2.0). They feature a lightweight ABS shell with a unique honeycomb structure for added reinforcement. Their lids are removable and fit like a hood over the pedalboard, so the board can be easily and quickly removed from the case. The professional ABS pedalboard cases also feature TSA 2 locks and wheels on larger versions.

Available now.

RockBoard® LED Light

In times of constantly growing effect rigs, the visibility of the pedals on stage becomes more and more important. With the RockBoard® LED Light you’ll never be in the dark again! This LED light is specially designed for pedalboards. Compatible with all RockBoard® 2019 series pedalboards, the simple 3-hole mounting clamp can easily be attached to virtually any pedalboard to illuminate pedal setup on dark stages. With 4 brightness levels and 6 color settings (white / red / green / blue / yellow / pink), it puts your pedals in the spotlight or provides discreet ambient lighting – and everything in between. Power is supplied via an optional 9V DC power supply.

RockBoard® Footswitch Topper StomPete & BigToe

RockBoard® StomPete and BigToe are useful footswitch toppers that increase the footprint of effect pedal footswitches. These sturdy toppers also look really cool.

RockBoard® StomPete: 

  • Footswitch toppers for effects pedals
  • 1-piece design based on industrial emergency stop footswitches
  • Fixation with 1.5 mm hex key set screw
  • Enlarges the footswitch diameter for easier accessibility
  • Fits most common footswitches
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Silver or black
  • 3 pieces
  • Incl. 1.5 mm hex key wrench

Available now.

RockBoard® BigToe: 

  • Footswitch toppers for effects pedals
  • Two-piece design for secure fit and easy removal
  • Increases the diameter of foot switches for easier accessibility
  • Suitable for most common foot switches
  • Made of anodized aluminium and ABS
  • Black or Silver
  • 3 pieces

Available from the beginning of October.

For international pricing, please contact your local distributor or dealer.

For more information about RockBoard®, please visit: and

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