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Ruwdesign Launches Handmade Furniture Collection Shaped Like Your Favorite Bass

Dutch design studio Ruwdesign launches handmade table furniture collection shaped like your favorite bass or guitar.

Guitars have a beautiful shape and radiate music. These are the perfect ingredients for designer furniture and a stunning interior, which is why design studio Ruwdesign presents a collection of affordable handmade guitar tables. This exclusive series of (side) tables consists of 11 iconic guitar models, and can be ordered from – 100% Dutch Design.

Finally: a collection of tables with a perfect design for every guitar or music lover out there!

Rock stars and a cheering crowd Guitars have something mysterious about them, they evoke memories, make you dream, and they are story tellers. To preserve the magic guitar look and feel, all table tops are true guitar size. The guitar shape in combination with straight metal legs makes these tables a perfect fit for almost every interior or music studio, both contemporary and classic. Every single piece is a unique eye catcher!

A guitar table is an original gift!

If everything is possible, what wood would you choose? Exactly! That’s why all our table tops are made of solid oak. European oak. Super strong, durable, and it looks stunning. We applied an all natural solvent free oil finish to add depth and rich color to the wood.

The legs are handmade of raw hot rolled steel. Robust steel where some small hints of the production process, when the steel was glowing red hot, are still visible. This adds even more character to the table.

Due to the choice of materials and their respective finishes, these tables will age beautifully. Even when accidents happen and some minor guitar shaped damage occurs, this will add a story to the table without destroying its looks. Just like a real guitar!

Sustainably produced in The Netherlands

Ruwdesign products are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. In our own workshop, we guarantee the quality of the wood and metal work. “A huge benefit of producing locally is the small environmental footprint which the products have,” according to founder and Industrial Designer Ruud Wensink. Unlike is the case in overseas manufacturing, Ruwdesign banned all unnecessary transport of products and raw materials around the globe. AND all product finishes used are natural and solvent free, because we see no reason not to.

– As a bonus we plant a tree for every product sold to support a green and healthy future –

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