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Beautiful visually, sonically, and to the touch, this custom Darling bass is happy at its new home. The Walnut top and back are simply stunning with waves of color in one direction colliding with curly figure in the other making it hard to look at just one place. Scroll to picture 2 to see the inlaid sterling silver logo with opal rays. For the sound, Walnut delivers on its promise of fast attack. The primary neck wood is Maple, and it keeps the basic sound bright and even, tempered slightly by the meaty Vermilion laminate at the center. Purpleheart neck laminates offer additional reinforcement and support the bright end of the spectrum. The electronics selected are a combination of Ron Wickersham’s classic low-pass filter with Q-switch and a 2-band bass and treble with both cut and boost. These electronics offer lots of control with a short learning curve. As for the feel, once you try a short scale you may never go back. Short in scale is not short on low end response. But between our integrated neck/fingerboard carve (you can see the edge of the fingerboard from the back), and our satin touch neck rubout, the neck is fast, comfortable, and just a pure joy to play. * * * * #alembic #darlingbass #walnut #labopal #shortscalebass #goldmotherofpearl #handmade #madeinusa

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