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Fender Booth… Justin Roberts of the Nu Rock Band, More Like Me – Summer NAMM 2019

In the last two years or so, Fender has distinguished itself as a musical instrument company that just flat “gets it”. 

It seams as though they know EXACTLY what guitar and bass models players want even before the players themselves have figured it out.  That kind of ultra forward thinking really hits home with young musicians like Justin Roberts of the Nu Rock band More Like Me.

More Like Me is a 3-piece Rock band of identical triplet brothers, featuring Jared Roberts on guitar, Justin Roberts on bass, and Jordan Roberts on drums.

All 3 sing both lead and harmony vocals. The band writes, records, and plays all it’s own material, and has co-written songs with multi-platinum selling artists such as Dave Rude (Tesla), Scott Moffatt (The Moffatts), Robert Mason (Warrant), and more.

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