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Hooke Verse Review

As musicians, we’re always looking at the latest gear, right? But the biggest issue that commonly comes up is the audio quality. We’re all looking for the best way to mic a cab, record an effect pedal, etc.. It would be great if the person watching the video could hear the mix you hear live. Well, with the Hooke Verse, it really can.

A 3D Audio Microphone

The Hooke Verse is a wireless bluetooth 3D audio microphone headset, that allows you to wirelessly record with your smartphone (with the free app) or wired into a GoPro or other pro audio equipment. The person recording wears the Hooke Verse, which positions the microphones in a way to fully capture a 3D sound.

If you’re like me, and doing all of the audio/video/performing, you can still use the Hooke Verse easily. The box come apart and can be made into a stand that mimics a head, to allow you to still capture the 3D audio. Personally, I found the cardboard stand clever, but a bit flimsy. It would be awesome if they’d offer a plastic one (I’d gladly pay for it), or even the file to print one on a 3D printer.

Easily record 3D audio into your phone, GoPro or other pro audio

The Tech Stuff

The Hooke Verse is much more than just a 3D microphone. You can use it much like a pair of noise canceling bluetooth headphones; wireless calling, listen to music, etc.. A full charge will last for 9hrs of 3D audio recording, or 10hrs for the other stuff.

The full 3D audio playback can be fully enjoyed on any headphones or stereo speakers. Plus, you can share it via social media channels through the Hooke Audio app.

But How Does it Sound?

That is the question, right? I took a couple of recordings, using the freestanding base that was provided. The Hooke Verse sat about 5 feet away from the amp. With the Hooke Audio app open, it was easy to see the sound level (on the right side), and the playback level (on the left). I hit record, and we were on our way.

The only thing to note is that when you’re done recording, it does take a little time to render the 3D audio, as opposed to the standard audio from the phone mic. I didn’t find it to be that long; a 5min video took around 20-30sec to fully render before I could record again.

It wasn’t until I loaded the files onto the computer that I could hear the difference. Through headphones, the sound is far better than I usually get from just a quick iPhone video. Simply put, it sounds awesome. I can see using this during live shows, or even to mic the cab when you’re doing home recording. I plan on doing the latter, and then mixing it with a DI signal for a killer bass signal.

Music to your Ears

The Hooke Verse from Hooke Audio is the first 3D audio microphone to be brought to the content creators. Super simple to use, it’ll get you amazing, immersive videos that you didn’t think were previously possible. I’m a fan.

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