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Stonefield Music Welcomes New Endorsing Artist, Santiago Gonzalez

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Stonefield Music Welcomes New Endorsing Artist, Santiago Gonzalez

Tomm Stanley from Stonefield Music has been in touch to let us know that they have recently added a new endorsing artist added to their team.

Hailing from Colombia, Santiago Gonzalez is a multi-faceted artist involved in a wide variety of musical genres.  

“As a bassist, session artist, bandleader and composer Santiago is involved in so many different kinds of music: jazz including swing, ballads, blues; Colombian music such as vallenato, joropo, porro and of course mainstream rock, funk and, from what I can tell, just about anything else that comes his way.  I’m really excited to have him working with us.”

Coming into the 2019 summer NAMM Show Santiago says that he was looking forward to getting some time on the bass guitars at the Stonefield exhibition stand.  

“I’d first seen stuff about Stonefield though the print magazines and their adverts on Bass Musician Magazine.  After having a look at their Instagram posts and then checking out their YouTube videos I decided that I had to connect with them at NAMM and see for myself if this gear was as good as it appeared to be.”

Tomm says that it was great listening to Santiago play and with an obvious hint of both pride and humour recalls, “I think that Santiago played just about every bass we had on hand … I got the impression that he was diggin’ the gear.”

It was a few months later when the two finally re-connected and worked through the details that have now brought Santiago on board as a Stonefield artist.  

Santiago’s bass of choice from the Stonefield line-up is a five-string C Series with Stonefield’s ‘Classic’ string spacing, which is approximately 19mm at the bridge.  “I love the feel of this bass and the sound  … with the wooden bridge and nut and whatever else Tomm and Stonefield do, it’s just got such a wonderful tone.”

Stepping a little bit out of the normal build for a C Series, Tomm added to the capability of the instrument by installing one of the Stonefield’s Funk Plates between the pickup and fingerboard, a ramp between the pickup and bridge as well as a stereo output via a side-mounted ¼” jack.  

“There are a few ways to do stereo outputs on an electric instrument but it doesn’t get much more straight-forward than a simply adding a second jack in parallel with the primary one.”   With Santiago adding, “It’s such a great set-up.  I don’t need any special cables or signal processors to use the stereo output, so if a situation calls for its use I just need to grab another cable and there you go, bass in stereo.”

For more about Santiago Gonzalez see his Instagram profile at @sgonzalezbass, his Facebook page @sgonzalezbass and check out his YouTube channel.  

To learn more about the Stonefield C Series basses as well as the other models of basses, amp cabinets and outboard electronics that Stonefield creates find them at and at all the usual social media sites under Stonefield Music.

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