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Stonefield Basses Now Available at the Bass Gallery in Camden

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Bass Gallery in Camden – Stonefield Basses Now Available

Stonefield Musical Instrument Company Basses Are Now Available at the Bass Gallery in Camden.

Martin Petersen, owner of the Bass Gallery in Camden, London has been in touch with us to pass along some big news: Stonefield basses are now in stock.  Established in 1992 the Bass Gallery has grown to become one of the most important places for all things bass.  While at the recent London Bass Guitar Show, the Gallery met up with Stonefield founder Tomm Stanley and the discussion about bringing Stonefield into their lineup began.

Martin told us, “Stonefield is based in New Zealand and was only in the UK for the week of the show.  Tomm and I had spoken in the past about the Gallery taking on the Stonefield line but this time our meeting was facilitated by two keys friends to us both: Mike Brooks from Bass Guitar Magazine and Dave Swift, the well known bassist in the Jools Holland Band.”

Mike dropped into the Stonefield stand with John Chapman from the Gallery and introduced the two. 

John says, “I was impressed with what I saw and suggested that Tomm get in touch with Martin to discuss the prospect of working with us to bring these unique instruments to the Gallery.”  Given the busy schedule and tight time frames involved with exhibiting, tear-down and post show move-out requirements that may or may not have happened had it not been for Dave Swift.

Tomm told us that he and Dave had first met some years ago after the very first London Bass Guitar Show that Stonefield attended, “Dave was always been intrigued by Stonefield’s gear but in that environment Dave’s responsibility is to the fans and followers of both himself the Jools Holland Show.  That overrides his personal interests, so he’s never had time to sit down and really play our basses.  I got him over to the stand this year and he actually had some time to play and he just fell in love with a six-string bass that I had on hand.  He wanted to spend some more time on it but with both of us stretched in a variety of directions, we agreed to connect after the show and Dave suggested the Gallery as a good place to meet.”

While at the shop a couple days later Dave’s enthusiasm for the instrument was apparent and Tomm and Martin got busy working out the commercial details that now sees the store adding some Stonefield basses into the vast array of instruments they have in stock.  The Gallery is stocking three of Stonefield’s premium M Series instruments: the very same six-stringer that Dave is so fond of, a five-string and a five-string fretless.

Get onto the Bass Gallery’s website at to check them out or if you’re in the London area we’d suggest that you stop into the shop at 142 Royal College Street, Camden and take them for a test drive.  

To have a look at Stonefield’s complete lineup of basses, outboard electronics and their seriously cool line of Mighty Mini™ amplifier cabinets log onto or check their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube sites, all of which can be found under Stonefield Music.

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