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Trickfish Amplification Introduces New Minnow Preamp for Bassists

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Trickfish Introduces New Minnow Preamp

Trickfish Amplification Introduces New Minnow preamp for Bassists.

The Trickfish Minnow Preamp is a high quality, low noise bass preamp DI pedal equipped with their Bullhead EQ section.

The Minnow is a single-channel Bullhead preamp. It features shelving EQ’s for the BASS and TREBLE controls and variable band pass EQ’s for the LO MID and HI MID.

A selectable mid-frequency for both LO MID and HI MID controls provide complete control over the midrange. It aslo has a HI SHIFT to the TREBLE frequency to further tune the cut/boost capability of the TREBLE control.

In addition, the Minnow preamp includes a tuner out for silent tuning and a balanced XLR output for use as a DI, great for both live and studio use.

Trickfish Minnow Preamp Features:

  • Low noise solid state preamp
  • Input Level Indicator: Signal level and Clip LEDs (green/red)
  • Low noise solid state Preamp
  • 4 Band EQ (+/- 12dB) with switchable Mid
  • Shelving Bass and Treble
  • Low-Mid and Hi-Mid – Variable Gain, Band Pass EQ with selectable frequency/bandwidth
  • Hi-Shift treble frequency selection
  • Silent Tuning with Mute Footswitch
  • 600 Ohm Balanced XLR Direct Out with Pre/Post and Ground Lift
  • Steel Chassis
  • (H x W x D in.) 6.05″ x 4.85″ x 1.73″
  • (H x W x D mm) 153.8mm x 123.4mm x 44.1mm
  • Made in the USA

The Trickfish Minnow is now shipping with a street price of $329, available directly from

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Trickfish Amplification was birthed out of the passion and imagination of our founder Richard Ruse in 2014. The company is dedicated to delivering a collection of killer products that will serve as valuable tools for discerning bassists as they seek inspiration for their artistic vision. We are devoted to developing new products and re-imagining familiar products with the expressed intention of helping musicians realize their true potential. We share a common vision of intelligent design, precision, delectable tone and rugged durability in everything we build, and we’re committed to providing impeccable customer service, service that’s commensurate with the quality we strive to deliver in every design we offer.

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