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Gruv Gear Integrates Global Recovery Tag In New Travel Bags

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Gruv Gear Integrates Lost-and-Found Tech In New Travel Bags

Global Recovery Tag Now Integrated Into New Bags at Gruv Gear…

California-based travel bags and cases manufacturer Gruv Gear announces a strategic alliance with UK-based HomingPIN, creator of the product under the same moniker that allows customers to be reunited with their lost luggage or item. The technology relies on a recovery tag with a unique alphanumeric code, which is attached to an item and allows airport personnel and fellow travelers to easily report and alert the owner when their item is found. To date, HomingPIN is integrated in over 2,800 airports worldwide.

“We were looking for a robust, low-cost, and reliable asset recovery technology to offer our customers, many of which are jetsetters and world-touring artists,” shares Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear. “Losing or misplacing your luggage, instruments, and critical work equipment while traveling can be devastating or disruptive at the very least. HomingPIN have done some amazing groundwork to integrate their solution with airports’ lost-and-found system, so a baggage handler would simply enter the code and the owner gets a text message and email so they can arrange to get their lost item back quickly.”

Jay adds, “Our backpacks and instrument cases are becoming more ubiquitous with musicians, producers, and savvy travelers. They are carrying laptops, music controllers, hard drives, cameras, and instruments, usually thousands of dollars of gear. Our goal is to give them peace of mind, not only with the quality and protection of bags we offer, but also with security and recovery. We’ve dubbed the HomingPIN as our Global Recovery Tag, and we are implementing it directly into 10 travel bag models as we speak, literally by laser-etching a unique code on a prominent metal badge on the product. HomingPIN has generously offered to give our customers the first year of service at no charge, truly a tremendous value for the added peace of mind.”

Andrew Hopwood, CEO and Co-Founder of HomingPIN, said, “HomingPIN is changing the way that lost property is dealt with across the globe. We understand that a person’s belongings are more than just objects. For many people an item has both emotional and sentimental value as well as a financial cost. Be it the bag that has travelled the world with you, the laptop used to build and grow your company, or the phone that enables you to stay in contact with the people close to you regardless of time or place. A lost item can often mean more than just the amount on the price tag!”

“We are delighted to partner with Gruv Gear to help protect all their customers’ bags, high-valued musical equipment and personal possessions with a global recovery tag. By providing a cost-effective product that offers high-value protection, we aim to alleviate the stress incurred when an item is lost or misplaced during travelling. The HomingPIN global recovery system greatly improves the chances of the owner’s belongings being repatriated to them, and as Jay rightly says, offers the customer peace of mind that their personal items are safe – because as we understand, to the owner, a guitar is more than just a guitar.  Don’t Lose It, PIN It!”

Gruv Gear is launching the Global Recovery Tag feature built-in to the following products:

Current owners of Gruv Gear backpacks and cases are able to purchase Global Recovery Tagon and receive the complimentary first-year service as well.

Learn more about Gruv Gear by visiting:

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