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Tsunami Cables Welcomes Tony Puleo as Artist Relations Rep

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Tsunami Cables Welcomes Tony Puleo as Artist Relations Rep

Tsunami Cables is proud to welcome Tony Puleo as their new Artist Relations Rep.

Tony Puleo will be handling all artist inquiries as well as day-to-day relations with Tsunami Family Members.

Mr. Puleo has been a long-time member of the Tsunami Family and has shown interest in working with Tsunami Cables as an Artist Rep.

Mr. Puleo brings with him years of professional music experience, including MD, touring, theater, and recording. He is the ‘goto’ Bass player in the Boston area, with a long list of credits and credentials, including his numerous endorsements with some of the biggest and most influential companies in the music industry, including Gallien Krueger, Mike Lull, GHS, A-Design, Tsunami Cables and more.

Mr. Puleo will be looking to expand the Tsunami Family in all areas and has worked closely with the owner, Keith Stickney, to redesign the Family Application and requirements for new members.

Tony is first a long-time friend, and we have worked together on numerous events and products. He is someone I can trust and rely on. I’m very happy and excited to have Tony in the mix!

Keith Stickney, Owner Tsunami Cables 

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